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Mission n°3 : Movie Review

Click on the link below to watch the video (only until 02’27) and answer the questions of the document « Mission n°3 : Movie Review ».

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Mission n°2 : Talking about a trailer

Click on the link below to watch the video and answer the questions of the document « Mission n°2 : Talking about a trailer ».


If you need vocabulary, click on the link below :


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Have fun online!

Voici quelques liens pour travailler son anglais en s’amusant :

1) Livres interactifs sur différents thèmes :

2) Jeux éducatifs en anglais :

3) Quizlet :

4) Crossword maker :

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Mission n°2 : French clichés – Podium n°1

Mission n°2 : Je trouve les clichés français.
Podium n° 1 : J’écoute le document audio « France seen from abroad » et je complète le document n°3 : French clichés.

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Mission n°2 : French cliché – Podiums n°2 et 3

Mission n°2 : Je trouve les clichés français.
Podiums n° 2 et 3: Je regarde la vidéo « France seen from abroad » et je complète le document n°3 : French clichés.


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Captain James Cook
Captain James Cook
Occupation: Explorer
Born: October 27, 1728 in Marton, England
Died: Killed by natives at the Hawaiian Islands on February 14, 1779
Best known for: Exploring the South Pacific
First Expedition
Cook set off for his first journey on August 26, 1768. His main objective was to observe the planet Venus as it passed between the Earth and the Sun. This would help astronomers to calculate the distance of the Sun from the Earth. He also hoped to find the fabled southern continent.
During this trip he visited Tahiti (where he made the observations of Venus), the Society Islands, and New Zealand. He mapped much of the two main islands of New Zealand, but also ended up fighting with the local Maori tribe.
Next stop on the journey was the east coast of Australia. Captain James Cook claimed Australia for England in 1770. It was first used as a penal colony by the English. Here James and his crew found all sorts of interesting animals and plants including the kangaroo. Unfortunately, the ship was damaged on some coral and they had to stop for a while to do repairs. Many of the crew got malaria from mosquitoes during this stop and over 30 of the crew died from the disease. Finally they returned home in July of 1771, nearly three years after their departure.


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Most Popular Sports in Australia

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia


Australia’s beloved ‘footy’ actually covers four codes, which may be a little confusing. Depending on different state of Australia, this could mean Rugby League, Australian Football League (AFL), Rugby Union or the soccer that most Europeans know as football!  All these four codes command a strong, loyal fan base. These codes are played in the same season from March to September.

Aussie rules

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, If in Australia you see men in shorts leaping to great heights playing on a large arena with an oval ball, then you’re definitely watching a game of Australian Football. AFL (Australian Football League) is Australia’s premier spectator sport and it is developed in Melbourne in the 19th century, this is the most attended sporting league of the country. Popularity of this sport is very high in Victoria, where it’s practically a religion. Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide also have passionately supported AFL teams. AFL consist 16 teams which play 22 home and away rounds from March to September.



National Rugby League (NRL)

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, Rugby League is a full contact ball sport and considered as the third most popular sport of Australia. This Australian sport actually branched out from Rugby Union in the early 20th century.  NRL or The National Rugby League is mostly played in Australia’s eastern states. Most of the 16 teams of NRL are based in and around Sydney. The NRL season starts in early March and ends with the grand final on the first Sunday of October. NRL competitions usually attract huge crowds and huge TV audiences as well. There are also annual international games like the New Zealand VS Australia ANZAC Day test.

Rugby Union

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, Australia’s Rugby Union well known team is the Wallabies and each year they compete with New Zealand and South Africa in the Tri-Nations Series. Their on-field battle with the New Zealand is known as the Bledisloe Cup. And the games with South Africa are part of the Mandela Challenge Plate. Rugby World Cup is also held in Australia after for years in which many teams come to play from across the world.  Seven former Australian players like Nick Farr-Jones have been introduced into the International Rugby Hall of Fame. In the Super 14s cup Australia’s state teams play with each other, South African and New Zealand teams.



Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, In 1922 the first national soccer team of Australia’s was formed for a tour of New Zealand. In 1974, Australia Soccer team made their first appearance in the World Cup finals in West Germany. Today the national team of Australia –the Socceroos – has several World Cups behind it and this team gaining success on the international circuit.  The Socceroos national team of Australia qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa without losing a single match.



Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, Every year in January Australia becomes the headquarters for hosting international tennis tournaments in the lead-up to the Australian Open. First of all Perth’s Hopman Cup starts in which eight top-ranking doubles teams compete for a tennis-ball trophy covered with Kimberley diamonds. At the Brisbane International top male tennis stars warm up for the Australian Open in the first week of January. Female players also sharpen their serves at the Moorilla Hobart International a week later. The other tennis tournaments are Grand Slam tournaments, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon.



Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Next on Most Popular Sports in Australia, Australians are playing cricket more than 200 years. Cricket is one of most popular sports in Australia. In summer season Australians plays cricket at picnics, barbeques, parks and beaches. The Australian cricket team is one of the world’s top-ranking teams with their trademark baggy green caps. The Australian cricket team won the ICC world cup four times which is the biggest cricket world records. The most famous home cricket match of Australia is the one-day Boxing Day Test at Melbourne’s MCG. Australia’s cricket heroes are Sir Donald Bradman (Greatest Cricketer Ever), Glen McGrath (one of Greatest Fast Bowler Ever), the Chappell brothers, Steve Waugh (Most Successful Captain Ever), Shane Warne (Greatest Spin Bowler, Mark  Waugh, Ritchie Benaud, and Ricky Ponting (One Of Greatest Batsmen Ever).



Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

There are more than 1,500 golf courses across Australia.  Golf is a popular leisure sport for Australians. Australia has both private and public courses. Some of courses are champion-designed and many boasting spectacular views. Best part of Golf courses is that many courses are connected with luxurious resorts. These luxurious resorts offer ‘stay and play’ packages. Some of top resorts are situated in southern Queensland, but New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia also have acclaimed resorts. Australia’s world-class tennis stars are Greg Norman, Karrie Webb, Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy. Premier golf events of the Australia are the Australian Masters, the Australian Open Golf and Australian PGA Championship.


Car racing In Australia

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Many of Australians are passionate for car racing. Every year country hosts a number of rubber-burning events. Each March for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Melbourne’s Albert Park is the venue. For the Nikon SuperGP in October Primed V8 Supercars hit the Gold Coast. If you are a tourist and you are on visit of Australia during the month of October then you will enjoy the buzz around the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1,000.



Top 10 Most Popular Sports in Australia

Marathons are big sports event on Australia’s sporting calendar. There are many 10km and 5km races held. In May The Great Ocean Road International Marathon held in Australia. And during the month of June the popular Gold Course Airport Marathon held in the country in which many runners from all over the world takes part.




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Australia – A Webquest

1)   Complete the map

2)   Complete the map of Australia.

   3)   The Australian flag

4)   Click on « animals of Australia ». Write their names

   5)   Sports

   6)   The Aborigines

   7)   History

   8)   Tourism

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Mission n°1 : Bande annonce

Clique sur le lien suivant pour voir la vidéo correspondant à la mission n°1 :

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